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Just for fun we have written a list of questions that our current projects can answer for our customers.

You might like to think if you know the answer for your organization and imagine what you could do with such insights.

1. Which are your most profitable subsidiaries?

2. Are they the same as they were last year?

3. Can you say which subsidiaries are in the top quartile?

4. How much revenue would you gain by moving a subsidiary to top quartile?

5. Which product division has seen the biggest growth in the last quarter?

6. Did your last marketing campaign result in a stronger profit or just increased revenue?

7. We have delivered solid growth but what does that mean in terms of our market share versus our lead competitors?

8. Which area produces the best conversion of leads to sales?

9. Has your bad debt situation improved or worsened over the last fiscal year?

10. Is there a link between the number of support staff to our customer satisfaction scores?

How did you do?  If you think your organisation knows the answer to the majority of these questions then you are clearly mature in BI.  You might like to think about improving or enhancing your systems and we would be glad to talk with you about ways in which that might be done.  We can also discuss ways of evaluating your quality of BI and setting a road map for future growth.

If you don’t know many of these then this would be a good opportunity to consider making a start in BI.  This is easier than you might think and we can help.

If you feel that you are at the start of the BI journey then we would love to help you to learn more and how to set a good route to grow.  There is additional information on our site in our FAQs and in our blogs.  Please search on the site for information or drop us a message.

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