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Welcome to JTA

I have long felt it important to express the exciting changes that are happening in our world of Data Analysis and by writing this blog I hope to engage more with my industry and share and learn too.  In the short term I hope to bring a series of articles aimed at demystifying our industry and the technology that we use.  It is not easy to purchase a Business Intelligence solution and I hope to simplify that.

One of the keys to business success is knowing how to unlock the insight that already exists within your business.  Whether it is to identify future growth potential, understand your competitive landscape, benchmark areas of your business or identify profitability drivers, the starting point is good intelligence.

With this new information age comes data.  Lots of it.  All too often a business can be rich in data yet poor in insight.  The challenge we all face is not only getting to the data that really counts but also marrying up disparate sources into a consolidated and consistent form that can allow for fast and powerful analysis.

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