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MIDAS Data Warehouse

  • MIDAS Data Warehouse
  • MIDAS Data Warehouse
  • MIDAS Data Warehouse
  • MIDAS Data Warehouse

MIDAS Data Warehouse

This was one of JTA’s first projects commissioned in 2003 and still running over ten years later.  The system is used to support Market Intelligence functions in the global HQ of a multinational software company.  Receiving data from around 15 distinct sources of market research the system also links into enterprise applications to hold operational data.

The data warehouse is built using OLAP cubes and gives a series of benefits:

  • Control over research versions to ensure that users always access and use the latest data
  • Security mechanisms serve sensitive research and operational data depending on the users’ security permissions.  These permissions come from enterprise applications and allow us to use over 200,000 security rules to determine access
  • We store and monitor usage which allows us to compute an ROI index on the cost of obtaining research
  • The system feeds into scorecard tools which are used for strategic business reviews in all subsidiaries in the world
  • The system computes ratios and metrics from the various sources and also performs consolidations so that we can offer intelligence views by operating regions or other benchmarking clusters
  • The system feeds many interfaces:
    • Powerful pivot tables for analysts to perform ad-hoc studies
    • Standard dashboards used in business reviews and other processes
    • Secured flat files for integration into Excel and Power View reports
    • Bespoke HTML 5 applications


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