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Country Briefing Report

  • Country Briefing Report

Country Briefing Report

This project was commissioned when our client identified a need for executives to be given a briefing paper when visiting subsidiaries.  By necessity the briefing document collated data from a great many sources of data.  There was also a need for internal data to be combined with externally acquired economic measures and also to show rankings of the subsidiary with its peers.  The work to prepare these briefings was done manually by our client.

We built a database solution to store the required metrics and to calculate ratios, rankings, quartiles and growth percentages.  The data was then exposed using an SQL Reporting Services dashboard.  The existing manual process had only allowed for the production of briefings for the ten largest subsidiaries but our system extended coverage to all subsidiaries in the world; about 70 in total.

The dashboards were also linked to automated security mechanisms that were developed by JTA so ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other SEC regulations around revenue reporting.

These dashboards are now used by nearly a thousand users in the corporation as they have evolved from being just an executive briefing to the mechanism of choice to give business and economic background to any internal project.

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